Prepare your drought mitigation plan now
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Ask your landscape service provider for their plan first
  • Review their plan - use if you are comfortable with it
  • Test against the plan below
  • Or - use the following plan instead
Inventory your valuable landscape assets
  • Categorize by type - trees, ground cover, turf, decorative, annuals, etc.
  • Make specific note of older expensive assets that may be irreplaceable
  • Investigate possible items to remove or replace
  • Consider expensive removal costs
  • What is expendable - low cost to replace & fast growing
Determine your allowable water budget
  • Coordinate with your water service provider
  • Identify potential additional sources
Map your irrigation line items and valve circuits
  • Where do they go
  • what plant types do they serve
Identify your landscape asset priorities
  • Longest re-growth items
  • Highest replacement costs
  • Expendables like turf, annuals, etc.
  • Consider loss of curb appeal & image
Develop relationships
  • Landscape service provider
  • Water source provider
  • Neighbors - share best practices - be seen as a leader
  • Local city authorities
  • Press - water saving concepts makes excellent PR (public relations) opportunities
  • Experts in Certified Water Management concepts


Document your historical water usage
  • Obtain access to your past and current water usage & bills
Invest in data management solutions
Implement your plan - the Deming cycle
  • Make your Plan
  • Organize yourself
  • Lead the action
  • Control - measure your success and make changes to make it better
  • Celebrate your success!
Now is the time to make a plan - it will pay for itself !


Don't risk losing assets during a drought
Don't delay in starting your cost savings in water usage
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